Maintaining Safe Food Standards

By staying compliant with the latest regulations, we can make sure that consumers are provided with the best quality foods.


  • Review and validate Food Safety Programs on a quarterly basis, or as needed
  • Monitor workers to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP practices
  • Ensure proper and fluid implementation of the food safety practices
  • Assist 3rd-party self-audits under Global Food Safety Standards
  • Monitor all relevant paperwork for completion and compliance
  • Report any Food Safety infractions to Plant Operations Manager
  • Prepare plants for audits
  • Update SDS programs
  • GLOBAL GAP Audits


  • Document binders with Food Safety Documents for record keeping
  • Global Food Safety Audits (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Food Safety Manuals (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Food Safety Manuals (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • Create online forms specific to your business
  • Primus Global Food Safety Audits GAP
  • Primus Harvesting Crews Audits
  • Primus Standard GAP Audits


  • Implement food safety programs for packing facilities, growing operations, cooling and cold storages, packaging manufacturers, distributors, harvesters, and processors
  • Provide FSMA/PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) trained personnel according to Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Assist in all food safety training, ensuring employees are knowledgeable and understanding of food safety
  • Provide training for cleaning and sanitation staff, ensuring proper cleaning protocols
  • Provide training for management in Food Safety Tasks