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Food Safety Group are a dedicated team of food safety consultants with 10 years of experience, providing you an easy all-in-one food safety solution for your food safety needs.


Be Compliant, The Food Safety Way

Rising up to the challenge of your food safety audit can be stressful, and downright terrifying. A failed audit means money out of your pocket.
The Food Safety Group is here to melt your stress away, and save you money, so you can get back to what matters the most.




Kickstart Your Food Safety Success,
The Food Safety Group Way


Down below is what the Food Safety Group provides,
guaranteeing you success:





  • Review and validate Food Safety Programs on a quarterly basis, or as needed
  • Monitor workers to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP
  • Ensure proper and fluid implementation of  food safety practices
  • Assist 3rd-party self-audits under Global Food Safety Standards
  • Monitor all relevant paperwork for completion and compliance
  • Report any Food Safety infractions to Plant Operations Manager
  • Prepare plants for audits
  • Update SDS programs
  • GLOBAL GAP Audits


  • Document binders with Food Safety Documents for record keeping
  • Global Food Safety Audits (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Food Safety Manuals (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Food Safety Manuals (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • Create online forms specific to your business
  • Primus Global Food Safety Audits GAP
  • Primus Harvesting Crews Audits
  • Primus Standard GAP Audits


  • Implement Food Safety programs for packing facilities, growing operations, cooling and cold storages, packaging manufacturers, distributors, harvester, and processors
  • Provide FSMA/PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) trained personnel according to Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Assist in all Food Safety training, ensuring employees are knowledgeable and understanding of Food Safety
  • Provide training for cleaning and sanitation staff, ensuring proper cleaning protocols
  • Provide training for management in Food Safety Tasks


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